Gods of the Fallen Land - Update 1.2 + Steam

New Leader, Features, Enemies, Items, and more!

Update 1.2 for Gods of the Fallen Land is now available! This is a significantly larger update than the previous update 1.1. A new playable leader character has been added along with a number of other completely new features and mechanics. New enemies and items are also included, but before I get into the content of the update...

Steam Version Release

Gods of the Fallen Land is coming to Steam on July 31st! The Steam Version will include unique features like Steam Cloud saves and Achievements. All existing and future owners on itch.io will have the option to claim a Steam version key through itch.io using the request key button on their purchase page.

New Leader: Forgemaster

Meet the new playable leader character: the Forgemaster! He plays quite differently from the existing leader (the Sage). The Forgemaster has more health than the Sage, his standard and charge attacks are solely melee, and he's immune to stun effects. His building options consists mostly of new choices aside from the Mill and the Smith. The main difference however is that many of the Forgemasters buildings can be manually upgraded to increase their effectiveness.

The way he acquires combat units is different as well, rather than assigning followers to a building and setting them to combat roles the Forgemaster’s Forge buildings produce combat constructs themselves. The power and number of these units is determined by the upgrade level of the Forge producing them. He also has access to strong defensive buildings, along with a unique type of ranged support unit capable of healing units and repairing structures.

Forgemaster Skills

All of the Forgemasters skills tie into each other, the central theme being special Aether Spikes. Two different types of spikes can be placed with skills 2 and 3. They offer different benefits and last indefinitely until destroyed by an enemy.

The copper spikes repair buildings and suppress enemies, while the silver spikes heal allies and burn enemies.

Skill 1 is a large AOE hammer attack with a ranged projectile, however each slam of the hammer will also immediately trigger the spikes if they are active.

Skill 4 will send all spikes on the field into an overcharged state, they will gain additional effects such as knock-back, direct damage, and range for the duration of the ability. There is an upgrade available that also allows this to affect buildings, buildings under the effect of this skill will perform all of their automated functions more quickly so it's especially effective with wards.

Skill 5 also incorporates spikes of course but I’ll leave the exact details of this final skill a surprise. It is however an extremely powerful skill that requires a high leader level to use and also posses the longest cooldown of all skills in the game.

New Feature: Idol Offerings

Crumbling idols can now be found scattered around the map, each idol will ask for an offering of a specific type of resource, such as Materials, Aether, or Food. Providing an offering will give a random chance for an effect, effects range from small chests and minor items to extremely beneficial unique items or even unique units.

Lifeglass Cross is a single use item that can revive recently killed followers.

New Feature: Enemy Gear

Enemies equipped with special items now have a chance to appear. The higher the threat level, the more often you’ll be fighting gear equipped enemies. Enemies equipped with gear will be tougher than the normal enemies, most will also buff enemies around them in various ways. Some grant speed, healing, or protection. There are other effects as well. Make sure to prioritize these dangerous foes.

New Hard Mode & Reworked Finale

A difficulty selection has been added when starting a new game, Hard mode offers a more challenging option. In Hard mode threat increases more quickly over time, enemies have more health, and enemy gear is more common. The finale event has also been reworked to offer a more challenging final hurdle and includes a new mechanic. I won’t go into detail, but I hope you’ll find it a more satisfying experience.

...and more!

This just covers the main points here, but there's more to see in the 1.2 Update. 3 New enemy base types, a new Sage skill, UI improvements, and many more tweaks and bug fixes. Be sure to take a look at the full patch notes below!

Full Update Notes

Version 1.2

New Features

  • Added new playable leader character: Forgemaster - Includes new Buildings, Mechanics, Upgrades and Skills
  • Added Idol Altars to map generation: Offering resources at Idols can provide random effects, special items, and even unique units
  • New Difficulty Setting: Normal Mode: Same as the existing experience, Hard Mode: Threat rises much more quickly over time, Enemy Health increased
  • Multiple Save Slots Added: There are now 5 separate save file slots available
  • Added Enemy Gear:  All enemies now have a chance to spawn with special equipment that gives them and enemies around them special effects. The chance for Enemy Gear to appear is based on the Threat level and Difficulty setting.
  • New Game Start Menu
  • Added new Codex Menu, currently used to view past games stats
  • 10 New Items
  • New Enemies
  • 3 New Enemy Base types
  • New Poison Debuff
  • Ending Event has been reworked to include new mechanics and offer a more challenging experience


  • Raised time of a full day cycle from 10 to 15 minutes: This change is intended to give players a little more breathing room during the day.
  • Sage Leader skill ‘Radiant Orb’ replaced with ‘Banishment’
  • Sage Leader skill ’Blessing of Vigor’ now cures debuffs
  • Raised several item stack caps
  • Ward building cap raised to from 15 to 16
  • Golem body carry weight lowered from 15 to 12
  • Garrison job capacity raised from 5 to 6
  • Archery job capacity lowered from 5 to 4
  • Villagers now create corpses on death that will eventually decay
  • Lifeglass Items now twice as effective on buildings
  • Gate buildings can now be rotated while building with ‘Q’
  • Buildings are now affected by the ‘Burning’ Status effect
  • Haulable objects now have a larger selection box
  • ’Ruined Wall’ map objects are now destructible
  • Lowered damage and attack speed for Commanders
  • Added attack delay after Commander job’s spin attack
  • If Bishops have no heal targets they will now target enemies with Holy Ground
  • Villager fleeing code rewritten, villagers should now much more effectively avoid enemies and obstacles when fleeing.
  • Lowered Settler building repair power
  • Healers now more effectively choose separate targets if there are multiple units that need healing in range
  • Lich now inflicts poison with one of his attacks
  • Lich will now always teleport a certain distance away from his current position
  • Assigning followers to an unfinished building will now reassign them to Settlers and prioritize its construction.
  • Boss enemies will now never appear on the first night on normal mode


  • Follower Info list now automatically sorts from highest to lowest level
  • Level numbers on the Follower Info list are now tinted based on value
  • Follower list text is now properly aligned
  • Recently killed Followers will show up on the Follow Info list until their corpse decays
  • Player Health bar now overlays shield value
  • Player level is now displayed next to health near the skill menu
  • Vital Items are now marked with an arrow
  • Added progress bar to world loading and generation


  • Gate art changed
  • Remade UI scale character art
  • Animation for Aether collection added
  • Added New building destruction animation
  • Improved various art and animation assets
  • Slider visuals updated
  • Smithy UI upgrade links now darken when not available


  • Replaced Main Menu ‘Game Start” sfx with a less harsh sound
  • Changed several audio falloff ranges
  • Added sound effects to Lich attacks that lacked them


  • Villager fleeing code rewritten, should fix issues with villagers twitching and running into obstacles when fleeing.
  • Fixed skill cooldowns not saving/loading
  • Fixed several attacks ignoring armor and shields
  • Fixed black screen on minimizing game
  • Fixed audio listener not updating while dead
  • Fixed issue where internal resolution values could become mismatched in windowed mode causing a blank screen
  • Fixed issue where Golems could instantly heal from low damage
  • Fixed issue where Priests and Bishops would get stuck casting when trying to heal themselves and following the player.
  • Fixed issue where a certain enemy would drop double Aether and roll twice for items
  • Fixed cases were sound volume was not being followed
  • Locked animations can no longer be interrupted by using an instant cast skill.
  • Fixed cases where enemies who should not flee were fleeing at sunrise
  • Fixed cases where certain things would be intractable through menu windows


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Jul 29, 2017

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"I am the fire of my forge
  Copper is my body and Silver is my blood
  I have created over a thousand blades
  Unknown to death
  Nor known to life
  Have withstood pain to create many soldiers
  Yet those hands will never hold anything
  So, as I pray, Boundless Gear Forge."

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Hah, that's pretty good. I guess you could call that skill name a bit of an homage.

By the way, have you had a chance to try out the update, what do you think?

Only briefly, I've enjoyed it so far, played just enough to try out the new hero, and I thought it was quite good, about to give endless mode as the new hero a try. :)

I really do like just how different the different characters feel to play as, I'd love to see even more to come.
With the codex, it would be cool to also have the final end state of the map saved with the stats, although that may be slighly hard. :)

Glad you're enjoying it. Its my goal is for each character to have a distinct gameplay style.

Also I'm not sure if it'll be a save of the map, but the codex is definitely something I want to improve in the future.